25 Secrets For Your Characters

Hello everyone! I’m back with some more character stuff, this time a list of secrets. I find that secrets can really build the tension and mood in a story, so I hope these are helpful to you!

Maybe your character(s) . . .

1) Has an illegitimate child

2) Is seriously ill (physically or mentally)

3) Is having an affair with a villain

4) Is related to a major villain

5) Has a criminal record

6) Resents his/her spouse

7) Is terrified of being alone

8) Hates the king/ruler, etc.

9) Was/is abused

10) Is addicted to something

11) Is being blackmailed

12) Is blackmailing someone else

13) Only married their spouse for money

14) Doesn’t trust anyone

15) Doesn’t go by their real name

16) Hates one aspect of another character’s personality

17) Has an eating disorder

18) Is adopted

19) Wishes a family member was dead

20) Is terrified of thunder and lightning

21) Will do almost anything to make others happy

22) Is deaf in one ear (and ashamed of it)

23) Blames themselves for the death of a loved one

24) Speaks several languages

25) Has an imaginary friend



Again, thanks for reading! I hope these were helpful for you!



Writing Dare

Give a main character an unusual pet. (This could be a real or mythical animal — it’s up to you.)


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