20 Plot Twists for Your Stories

Hello to anyone who reads this! Today’s post is a list of plot twists that will (hopefully) help you in your stories. I’ve used some of these myself, and they can help to get your story moving again if you’re seeming to lose momentum, or they can just spice things up a bit. Anyway, here’s my list.

[By the way, this list is composed of some of my own ideas, as well as some that I found on the NaNoWriMo website.]

1) The main character’s mentor is actually the antagonist.

2) The antagonist has a secret child, and this brings unexpected complications.

3) A character develops an obsession with someone, which becomes problematic.

4) One character betrays the other(s).

5) A character unexpectedly finds themselves addicted to something.

6) The protagonist is unable (physically, mentally, emotionally, or some combination) to overcome the biggest obstacle in the story.

7) The quest/mission/whatever was based off incorrect information.

8) The main character was actually an impostor (and this is why s/he may have acted strangely throughout the course of the story).

9) A major character is drafted into war (or just taken out of the main picture for now — it doesn’t have to be this situation exactly).

10) The main character gets a message from a family member that they didn’t know existed.

11) A major character is poisoned (whether this is deadly or not is up to you).

12) A relative is in a relationship with the villain/antagonist. (Bonus points if that person is a sibling, and the villain becomes a brother/sister-in-law.)

13) The main character discovers that s/he is being sought out by an assassin.

14) The “treasure” that they have been searching for turns out to be useless/worthless.

15) The antagonist started out trying to stop someone or something worse than them, and became a bad guy in the process.

16) A character goes insane (whether temporarily or permanently is your choice).

17) The “main character” is killed/incapacitated early on in the story, and the “sidekick” has to step up and take on the “hero” role.

18) Someone has been intentionally misleading the main character(s) throughout the course of the story.

19) The main character’s sibling who seems oblivious to their sibling’s troubles turns out to be the major antagonist.

20) The protagonist saves the day, but unleashes something far worse in the process.

As I wrote this, I realized that most of these are geared more toward fantasy/adventure, etc., stories and writers, so sorry about that if you don’t write in one of those genres. That’s what I usually write, so I guess that’s just what I naturally gravitated towards.

Also, sorry that this post was shorter than normal, but I’m a bit short on time today. I might do a part two for this, if you guys like it, so please let me know if this was helpful! As always, thanks for reading, and here’s the writing dare.

Writing Dare

Give the main character a sibling who ends up playing a major/pivotal role in the story.


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