Monday: Prompts and Inspiration

Hey there, I’m back again. It’s Monday once more, which means more prompts and inspiration. I hope these are useful to anyone who reads this, and inspires you to write!

First off, as usual, are the setting prompts, where I give you a setting and you take it from there.

Setting Inspiration

1) An overgrown tool and/or garden shed

2) A temple or shrine, for the religion of your choice [Fictional or real]

3) Tikal, Guatemala [An awesome ancient Mayan citadel]

These were fun to come up with, and I hope they inspire someone!


Here’s a photo of Tikal, in Guatemala — it makes great setting inspiration, even if you don’t use the actual place!




Next on the list is general prompts, which can be quite varied and yet are just like they sound.

General Prompts

1) Write about the imaginative adventures of a little boy/girl in his/her living room.

2) Tell a love story from the perspective of an inanimate object. (This could be the story of the object falling in love with someone/thing, or of people falling in love and the object being an important mark of it, or whatever you want it to be, really.)

3) Write a short story that is told entirely in letters, emails, texts, or the like.

I think that these ones sound pretty fun, and I want to try at least some of them sometime. (I don’t know that I ever will, though . . . I’ve got a whole lot of other stuff that I want to write, too. I guess that’s why I’m sharing them with you all.)

This one is, again, just like it sounds — title inspiration. I give you a title from my long and ever-growing list, and you write a story based around it. (And as always, feel free to change or combine them as you wish.)

Title Inspiration

1) Searching for September

2) A Tale of Two Sidekicks

3) The Price of Immortality

Hopefully someone finds these useful and inspiring!


Now for character inspiration. Like the rest of these, I give you the prompts and you take it from there — only this time, the prompts are brief character bios.

Character Inspiration

1) Someone who is firmly convinced that everything that’s happening to them in the story is a dream — and who acts dangerously because of that belief.

2) An abnormally tall character who is well-known throughout their hometown for their amazing baking skills, and for their massive pottery collection.

3) A character from a wealthy and reputable family who enjoys the feeling of power s/he gets from reminding people of their lower social rank, and who also loves animals, despite severe allergies.

I think that all these characters have the potential to be really interesting — I’ve used some of these traits for characters in my stories, and they’ve been a lot of fun to write.

Lastly, there are the picture prompts. Here they are:

Prompt #1

How did this come to be? Who — or what — lives here?

Prompt #2

Who is she? What is she looking at? 

Prompt #3

Where does this lead? What happened to it?



And, as always, here is your daily writing dare — this is one that I found on the NaNoWrimo website. I want to try it sometime:

Writing Dare

Reverse the polarity of your characters — make the intended hero the villain, and vice versa. You could do this with minor characters, too, but that’s up to you.  (I think this could be super interesting!)



Thank you for reading this — I really hope that it inspires someone! Please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions!


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