Friday: Encouragement

Hey there! I’m back again with another encouragement post. These are some quotes that I’ve found inspirational (though admittedly not all are directly related to writing), and I thought that they might help others, too. Here they are:

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

This one is short and sweet, and I think that it can be very applicable for writers and artists of all kinds. You’re going to mess up. You’re going to fail. There are going to be people who don’t like what you do, but you’ve got to keep going.

Don’t ignore these things, per se, but try to learn from what’s happened. Use them. Sometimes something you do isn’t going to work out. So move on from it. Try to figure out what went wrong, and try to correct that in your next attempt.

Above all, like Mr. Churchill said, don’t lose your enthusiasm. Writing and creating should be something you love, not a chore. I know that it’s felt like both in my life, and it is so much better when I’m enjoying myself, and enthusiastic and passionate about it. If you lose your enthusiasm, try taking a short break. Do something else. But if you love it, always come back.


Don’t wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater.

Mary Manin Morrissey


I really like this quote — especially how applicable it is to pretty much anything you do in life. When applying it to writing, it is a really good reminder for me.

Don’t wait until your creative muse alights on your shoulder and bestows inspiration on you. If you do, it’s never going to happen. In my own experience, motivation and inspiration both come after I start working.

I heard some really good advice recently — just write for ten minutes. The first ten minutes are the hardest part. Once you get past that, then things will get easier, nine times out of ten. And if they don’t, then take a break. Celebrate the fact that you’ve written something, anything at all. It’s more than you had ten minutes ago. Just start right where you are. Eventually, something will come to you, but probably not until you’ve begun.

If there’s a book you want to read, and it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

Toni Morrison

This is something I hear a lot, but probably for a reason. It’s good advice. It goes well with something else I’ve heard before — that when you read, take notes of things you like in books. Write them down, and try to put that in your own stories. Chances are, if you like this, someone else will, too. Plus, writing the book that you want to read makes it all the more enjoyable for you.

I think that writing things that you wouldn’t personally read can make things harder on yourself. Writing can be difficult, obviously, but it should also be fun. And I think that something that helps to make (and keep) it enjoyable is to write something that you would pick up off a shelf and take home — something that you would get excited about.

Next time you’re struggling with your writing, it might be helpful to remember this quote — make sure the stories you’re writing are the kind of stories you would want to read.

This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard, and you put one word after another until it’s done. It’s that easy, and that hard.

Neil Gaiman

This one is really accurate, at least for me personally, and it almost makes me sad. It sounds so simple . . . and yet it can be so difficult. But I’ve done it, even when it’s hard. I did it. And I know that you all can do it, as well.

It’s just a matter of pushing forward, keeping on until you’re done, even if it seems like it’s never going to be done. (Both my Mandarin and my current novel are starting to feel like that, but I’m going to keep working at it.)

A lot of writing is discipline, as well — you aren’t going to get anything done if you don’t stop procrastinating and actually sit down to write. (I am guilty of a lot of procrastination . . . but I’m working on it.) You’re just got to sit down, put your fingers to the keys, and write one word after another, like Mr. Gaiman said. That’s the only way it’s going to get done. Even if it feels too hard right now, I believe in you! I’ve done it, and I’m continuing to do it, and I know that you can too!

I really hope that some of these quotes were inspiring and helpful to someone. They’ve helped me out, and I think that they can help to encourage and motivate others, as well. That’s why I’m passing them on!

Thank you for reading, and if you have any experiences or quotes that you find helpful or inspirational, please share! I’d love to hear them.

Writing Dare:

Include a character in your writing who speaks a foreign language. They don’t necessarily have to use it, but they should know one. Maybe they talk/brag about it a lot. Just make it known. (Bonus points if they actually speak a little of it at some point in the story!)


2 thoughts on “Friday: Encouragement

  1. All of those are good quotes! I especially like the one about just sitting down and typing out one word after another. I spent the whole of today writing and I’ve only finished two pages… ahhhahaha…….yeah, not easy at all.

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