50 Fears for Your Characters

Hey to anyone who’s reading this! I’ve decided to make another list for characters, but instead of hobbies this time, I’ve come up with a list of fears. Some are more common than others, but I think that all of these could be useful. After all, fears spice up a story and create more points for conflict, right?

Here is the list of 50 fears that I’ve compiled:

1) Flying

2) Public Speaking

3) The Dark

4) Heights

5) Death/Dying

6) Intimacy

7) Rejection

8) Spiders

9) Dogs

10) Driving

11) Commitment

12) Snakes

13) Insects

14) Needles

15) Being Alone

16) Water or Drowning

17) Abandonment

18) Clowns

19) Falling

20) Change

21) Germs

22) Crowds

23) Open Spaces

24) Thunder and/or Lightning

25) Failure

26) Disappointing People

27) Tornadoes and/or Hurricanes

28) Stairs or Steep Slopes

29) Being Ridiculed

30) Confined Spaces

31) Mirrors

32) Blood

33) Hospitals

34) Abandoned Buildings (or just abandoned places in general)

35) Birds

36) Disease or Illness

37) Fire

38) Masks

39) Losing Control

40) Strangers and/or Foreigners

41) Going Insane

42) Pain

43) Sharks

44) Bridges

45) Being Forgotten (or alternatively, forgetting everything/everyone)

46) Dolls

47) Ghosts

48) Mice and/or Rats (or rodents in general)

49) Being Buried Alive

50) Aging

Even if they’re never mentioned in the story, fears make a character seem more real, at least in my experience. After all, who isn’t afraid of something?

Especially in any kind of horror story, these could be really neat to use, and useful. Or just generally for any kind of character-driven story. I hope that this list of fears is helpful to someone who reads this!

As always, if you have any ideas that weren’t listed, or if you have any suggestions for more things like this that I could do, please share them, because I’d love to hear!

Thank you for reading, and here is the daily writing dare.

Writing Dare

Make a list of three things you find attractive (whether it be qualities or looks, etc.), and then do the same with things you find unattractive. Take one from each list and give those things to your main character. [E.g., you may find rudeness unattractive and blonde hair attractive, so you might give those qualities to your main character.] (Bonus points if you give the other qualities from both lists to other characters!)

Once again, thanks for reading. I hope you have a nice day!


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