Monday: Prompts & Inspiration

Hello again! I’m back with another “prompts and inspiration” post. (For anyone who hasn’t seen my other one from last Wednesday, this is something I’m going to try to do every Monday and Wednesday.) Let’s get on with it, shall we?

First up is the setting prompts. It’s just like it sounds — ideas to place your stories. (I struggle with this a lot, so making a list of them has really helped me generate ideas. I hope it helps someone else, too!)

Setting Prompts

1) A playground in the nighttime

2) The middle of a desert

3) Hammam Meskhoutine Springs in Algeria

[Fun fact about the last one: it’s name in Arabic translates to, Bath of the damned ones. There’s a cool story behind it — if you get the chance, you should look it up.]


Here’s a picture of setting #3 — it’s amazing, isn’t it?!



The next sort of prompt I’ll be sharing today is just a general kind of prompt — simply one of many kinds of prompts that will hopefully kickstart your creativity and get you thinking about writing ideas. [Note: I didn’t come up with these myself. I found them in various places and collected them. Now I’m sharing them with you, the readers.] Anyway, here they are:

General Prompts

1) “It took me a long time to realize that it wasn’t just a joke — I’m really immortal.”

2) A siren’s right-of-passage is to drown a human. Write the story of a siren approaching the age where s/he will have to do this. [I started a short story based off this prompt once — it was quite interesting.]

3) According to Celtic mythology, when you leave a cemetery a different way than you enter, spirits will exit with you. Write the story of a fugitive who sprints through a graveyard.



Alright, now, on to the next kind of inspiration: (potential) titles. I’ve got way too many of these collected, and I could never use them all. Therefore, I’m sharing them with anyone who happens to read this, because I’ve found that titles can really help me to come up with ideas for stories, or to find motivation to write when I don’t want to. Below are just a few that I liked, which you can tweak as you like.

Title Inspiration

1) The Sunrise Pact

2) Lily Lullaby

3) Parade of the Blind [I also like the idea of ‘Dead’ or ‘Lost’ in the place of ‘Blind’ — it’s up to you.]


The fourth type of inspiration is what I’m calling character inspiration. Basically, I come up with a few details about a character (which can be changed or combined as you like), and you take it from there. Here are a few, which I hope inspire someone:

Character Inspiration

1) A teenage boy with cancer who has a passion for cooking and a crippling fear of death.

2) An elderly man who loves origami and claims that he once met a god/dess.

3) An aspiring poet who always dresses like s/he’s going to a red carpet event, and is convinced that s/he’ll be famous someday.



Lastly, I have picture prompts. Again, it’s just like it sounds: you use the picture as a prompt. Tell what you think is going on in the photo, how it came to be, etc. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, you could be the one to write those words. Here’s the pictures.

Picture #1


highway lady
Who is she? How did she get here? Is she waiting for someone in particular?

Picture #2

This definitely is more of a fantasy/fairy tale one . . . what’s happening here?

Picture #3

What’s down that path? Is it really as pretty as it looks?



Alright, last of all, I’m putting a writing dare, which I do every day. Here’s today’s:

Writing Dare

Put on your favorite song and write whatever you want for the duration of it. (Bonus points if you do this for multiple songs.)



Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think, and if you’ve got any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


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