50 Hobbies for Your Characters

If a character is going to be realistic, chances are they’ll need a hobby — something they’re passionate about, something they do for fun in their spare time. Hobbies can really influence a character’s personality. I often find that it can be difficult to figure out my characters’ hobbies, and I know that it is something that some others struggle with, too.

For this reason, I’ve decided to create a list of fifty different hobbies, which will I hope will help you in your writing. (Or maybe even inspire you to take up one of these yourself!)

Anyway, I’ll stop talking — typing? — and give you the list.

1) Hiking

2) Skiing/Snowboarding

3) Surfing

4) Rock Climbing/Rappelling

5) Ice Skating

6) Hunting

7) Football [Soccer]

8) Shopping

9) Baseball

10) Hockey

11) Basketball

12) Rugby

13) Swimming

14) Fencing

15) Archery

16) Martial Arts

17) Horseback Riding

18) Fishing

19) Blacksmithing

20) Yoga

21) Running

22) Dancing

23) Acting

24) Boating/Kayaking

25) Gymnastics

26) Sculpting/Pottery

27) Gaming [Tabletop or Video]

28) Gardening

29) Knitting

30) Sewing

31) Writing

32) Reading

33) Collecting [Anything from art to comic books to cars]

34) Drawing

35) Painting

36) Singing

37) Playing an Instrument

38) Scrapbooking

39) Candle Making

40) Jewelry Making

41) Astronomy

42) Photography

43) Cooking

44) Origami

45) Meditating

46) Language Learning

47) Genealogy

48) Studying Religions

49) People or Bird Watching

50) Graphic or Clothing Design

I really hope this helps someone with finding a hobby for their characters! (Or for themselves — I’m personally going to be trying yoga.)

If you have any other ideas for hobbies that weren’t on the list, feel free to share — the more, the better!

Writing Dare:

Change the name of your main character — or have them change their own name (legally or temporarily). It doesn’t matter what you change it to, but keep it like that for at least one day. (You can change it back tomorrow, but it can be a fun experiment to see what your character is like with a different name.)


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