Wednesday: Prompts & Dares

Hello to anyone who may be reading this! I’m starting this blog so that I can hopefully pass on some inspiration to fellow writers, because I know I need it a lot. Every Monday and Wednesday, I plan to give a few different types of inspiration. I hope these help to inspire those who may read it!

I know that, at least in my personal experience, settings can be difficult to come up with. The right setting, however, can make a story so much better. So, here are just a few that I think would be interesting places.

Setting Prompts

1) An abandoned (and possibly haunted) schoolhouse.

2) A hospital at midnight.

3) The Old Man of Hoy (in Scotland).

Old Man of Hoy, Orkney Islands, one of the icons of the Orkney islands. europe, central europe, northern europe, united kingdom, great britain, scotland, northern isles,orkney islands, June.
[Here’s a photo of the Old Man of Hoy — cool, huh?!]

Next up are some general writing prompts. They can be all sorts of different things, and they’re quite helpful. I love prompts like this, and I’ve picked out a few to post today. [Note: I didn’t come up with these; I found them in various places and collected them for later reference. I’m now passing them on.]

General Prompts

1) “If anybody asks, you never saw me. Got it?”

2) There’s a local legend floating around that speaks of a train which takes you where you need to go, but not necessarily where you want to go. Your main character takes a ride on this train.

3) Describe a wedding from three different points of view.


The third type of inspiration (and one of my favorites) is titles. I have a huge list of potential book titles, and when I’m feeling uninspired, I choose one and use it as a writing prompt. I love pretty much all of them, but there’s no way I could ever write enough books to use them all. Therefore, it makes sense to share them with anyone who might use them, in case I never do.

Here are a few that I’ve chosen from my list — they can be tweaked and used for whichever genre you choose.

Title Inspiration

1) Secondhand Roses

2) The Gentleman Without A Shadow

3) Invisible Ink



This next one is something that you may find useful if you struggle with characters — it’s not too detailed, but the idea is to give you enough to go on. You can tweak or combine these as you like. They’re just a few ideas that I came up with for potential characters.

Character Inspiration

1) An animal rights activist with a limp, who loves the beach and avidly collects seashells.

2) A musical prodigy whose lifelong dream has been to join a performing circus, as a sword juggler (a skill which s/he has yet to acquire).

3) A midwife of 20+ years who loves her job. She never married, and gets grumpy when she doesn’t have anything to keep her busy.


Alright, this is the last kind of prompt that I’m going to give. It’s called picture prompts. Basically, the idea is to take inspiration from the picture. What’s going on? Take your interpretation of it and turn it into a story.

Picture #1


picture inspiration
Who is she? How did she get here? What is she doing?

Picture #2

Boys Telling Secrets
What are their names? Why are they laughing? 

Picture #3


umbrella inspiration
How did this come to be? Where is she floating to?



Anyway, I hope something here helped inspire you to write. I’ve got one last thing that I hope to do every day: a writing dare. It’s up to you if you take it or not, but I’d love to know if anyone does! It’s just something that I like to do to get my creative juices flowing, especially if I get stuck. Here’s today’s:

Writing Dare

Give yourself a cameo in whatever story you are writing. You can be as small as someone the main character passes on the street, or you could be the main character yourself! A big part or a small part — it’s up to you. Just include yourself somewhere. 


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